Quick Recipe: Chicken and Salad Wrap

My sister and I decided to have a healthy meal for dinner tonight so we (mostly I) made these delicious chicken wraps.


2 Chicken breast fillets
Salad: lettuce, tomato, sweet corn, tomato, cucumber etc
Nando’s Peri Peri sauce
Flour tortillas/wraps.

How I made the wraps:
I simply just diced some chicken breast and cooked it in a pan of sunflower oil (2 table spoons) until it was cooked, roughly takes around 10 minutes. My sister and I just bought a huge salad bowl from Tesco which cost Β£2 so I poured some into a bowl then added mayonnaise (you don’t have to add mayo, I’m just obsessed) and stirred it in. Then I added some salad to the wraps and lay the chicken on top. After you’re happy with the amount you can add a sauce to make it tastier, we used a Nando’s sauce which is delicious. I then poured some grated cheese on top and that’s it – sorted.


You can eat these wraps hot or cold, they’re so filling and of course – delicious, duh!

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Lauren, xx


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