Current Favourite Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow

The word current shouldn’t even be used right now because this has been my favourite foundation for over a year.

The reason I stopped myself buying this particular foundation for so long was because of how expensive it is but let me change your mind, too. It costs £30.50 but you can buy it from ASOS and if you’re a student – you can use your UniDays student discount to get 10% off.

Why I love it:
Even though it costs so much, it lasts me about 3 months – which I think is pretty good considering the size of the bottle and I use it almost every day. The bottle doesn’t come with a pump but you can buy one for about £3 from your local NARS counter. Trust me, when you go to the counter – you’ll come home with way more products than you intended. I personally prefer just to pour the product out onto my hand, it doesn’t bother me and it’s pretty much exactly what the pump would do anyway. The foundation is available in so many different shades, 20 to be exact. I would suggest going to your local counter and be told by a professional your exact shade because the last thing you wanna do is buy it online and pick up the wrong shade. The bottle comes with 30ml worth of product, my shade is ‘Deauville’ which is listed as Light4. Sheer Glow gives a light to medium coverage but it is definitely buildable. I can work a 12-9PM in work and my base will still look the same as what it did when I left my house that morning. This will work for you too if you remember to prep your skin before-hand using a moisturiser and primer.


Once you apply one layer – your pores and any harsh lines are covered but you can still briefly see your freckles show through. After application, your face literally feels bare. You can’t feel the product on your skin at all, when I used MAC Studio Fix Fluid (worst mistake ever) I felt like I was wearing a mask and I hated the feeling of having that particular foundation on my skin. I normally apply my foundation with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush but sometimes I like to use a Beauty Blender and you can even wet it slightly using cold water and Sheer Glow still applies to the skin so well. I definitely would say this product is almost perfect but the only off-putting aspect is the price but trust me, it will last you forever.

House of Fraser/30ml, £30.50 – link

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Lauren, xx


5 thoughts on “Current Favourite Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow

  1. Emma Farthing says:

    I loved this little baby….I’m super oily so in the summer it gets replaced with something a bit more long lasting and matt, but it’s my perfect winter foundation for sure!

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