The Fault In Our Stars: Movie Review

Oh man, let’s just say I will definitely be waking up with blood-shot eyes from crying so much.

I didn’t ever read the book simply because I just don’t read books but when I saw the trailer for this movie – I had the date for when it was released in cinemas memorised in my head. My sister seen it on Friday for the first time and decided to come again with our friend and I, she warned us we would need tissues and yes, you definitely do. First of all, the acting was just incredible on both parts. It is so lovely and most importantly – realistic from beginning to end.


It made you laugh because you can feel how close and passionate the actors were about the movie, everything was perfect. Shailene Woodley’s acting in the movie was outstanding and even though I cried so much – I would go back again tomorrow and watch it all over again. I can’t comment if it lives up to the book but I can imagine the readers will be super proud of the outcome and love it just as much as they did the book. The movie is worth every 125 minutes, when the actors cry – they make you cry. That’s how real it is. At one point during the movie I was literally struggling to breathe because I knew if I was to let out my cry the whole cinema would hear. You feel sympathy for the characters, every single one of them. Kudos to John Green and the amazing actors for executing such an amazing movie. Do yourself a favour and get yourself to the cinema to watch this movie. Even if you don’t cry at movies – I can assure you, you will.
Trailer: The Fault in Our Stars

Lauren, xx


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