Holographic slip-ons!

When I was in work about a month ago – a customer was wearing these shoes so obviously I had to ask her where she bought them. I’ve never really been a fan of holographic clothes or shoes but I absolutely adore this pair from Office, and they’re only £20 – amazing.


They look so cool and funky on your feet and they totally jazz up an outfit. I wore them for the first time and at first thought they were pretty comfortable. I’ve had problems in the past with slip-ons from Topshop and ASOS. Although, I will warn you – they are so painful to break in. I was walking around work limping all day because the pain I was experiencing. The elastic part of the shoe just above your toes digs in to your skin and of course, my heels are now suffering from blisters. I pretty much suffer from blisters with every pair of shoes I own so don’t let that put you off. You might find them comfortable but they definitely need to be worn a few times before they stop hurting. Beauty is pain, right?


I’ll have to wear them a few times to be able to wear them without worrying if I’ll need to take a change of shoes or plasters with me. For £20 you can’t really go wrong, they’re in style and so cool so definitely go grab yourself a pair here.

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Lauren, xx


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