Sun = Day spent at the beach!

The weather in the UK right now is absolutely amazing and it’s to stay like this all week which is even more amazing. My boyfriend Christopher and I decided to take the dogs to the beach and I’m not gonna lie – I think I was more excited than the dogs. Here are some photos of our day and can I also just say I’m super proud of myself for actually being able to drive such a long distance without panicking, brownie points for me! 20140619-002856-1736312.jpg

“Lauren, give me a bite.”
Hearty Italian Tuna Sub – always a winner.






Buzz is only a puppy and we don’t really trust him off his lead so today we let him off for the first time and Christopher and I were so scared. He’s such a fast runner and barks at every dog in sight because he’s so excited and wants to play. He ended up in the sea with a family and unfortunately I was the one who had to go in and get him out because he wouldn’t move – he’s a rascal but you’ve just gotta love him. I definitely chose the correct footwear to be diving into the sea, didn’t I?


As you can see, when the sun is out my hair gets flung up in a pony because I get too hot, haha. When we got home Christopher and I made burgers and sat outside to eat them – deeeelicious! Definitely a day off work spent well.


I hope everyone else is enjoying the hot weather!
Lauren, xx


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