Weekend #3

I know the weekend isn’t over but I’m only working tomorrow so there won’t be anything worth talking about. Today I pretty much had a chill day, I’m always working now because I’ve finished Uni for summer so when I get a day off – I definitely make the most of if. By that I mean, I catch up on sleep. My boyfriend’s mum was having an Italian night because the World Cup is on, y’know. That meant there was food everywhere.





The second photo is my second serving and I tried and tasted Lasagne for the first time and totally regretted it. Never again! I pretty much stuffed my face to pizza all night. My boyfriend and I went to get some snacks and took Casper along with us, as you can see he loves going for drives. Does anyone else’s dog stick their head out the car window and refuse to come back in? That’s Casper’s favourite thing to do apparently.


Take care guys, Lauren x
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