My Nike Free Run collection!

Nike running shoes are definitely the most comfortable shoes I own. Even though the trainers are made for working out/running etc – I wear mine on a day-to-day basis because they go with everything.

I have three pairs that I absolutely love and I definitely think they’re worth the money. I normally wear jeans or if I’m just running errands I’ll normally just put on my gym trousers and I just fling on a pair of my Nike shoes and I’m good to go. Everyone normally looks at me like why is she wearing running shoes with jeans but if I’m comfortable, then so be it.

Nike Free Run 3.0’s:
Each pair in this blogpost cost roughly around Β£85 – Β£100 which definitely is a lot of money but they will last you years and like I said, they’re the comfiest things ever. This pair is probably my favourite because I love the colour of them. I wear them all the time and it always get compliments on them, I think they scream summer and fun. They’re so comfortable, you’ll think you’re walking on clouds. I bought each pair from the Nike store, not only because I love the store but because obviously they have the best range. According to Nike, the lower the number in a shoe’s name, the closer it is to barefoot running – I 100% agree. The 3.0’s are definitely a shoe to be worn inside when you’re working out.

Nike Free Run 4.0’s:
This was my first ever pair of Nike running shoes and I remember being so confused as to what ‘number’ to choose so I picked the pair that I thought looked best, duh. These were my Gym shoes that I wore religiously for about 4 months before I got a new pair. Again, they’re so comfortable – if I’m ever going out running, this is the pair I like to wear. If I wear the 3.0’s when I’m running/jogging – sometimes the concrete ground can hurt your feet because they’re so lightweight. I love how recognisable each pair is I own.

Nike Free Run 5.0’s:
This was my second pair I bought and these are more like an ‘actual’ trainer – these are made to be worn outside like exercises including running and outdoor sports. The 5.0’s have tiny little ‘holes’ at the top of the shoe which is made of mesh to allow your feet to breathe during workouts. I don’t often use these shoes anymore because I feel like they tighten the longer I wear them and my feet get very uncomfortable after a while. Although, I do love the orange and white colours together. Buying new running shoes definitely motivates you to workout more. I can guarantee I’ll be buying more Nike Free Runs very soon…

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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