Topshop wishlist!

Here I am, writing about more things I wish I owned. As some of you may know, I work in Topshop so I do own my fair-share of Topshop clothes but recently I just want everything. This post is only on clothes because if I included shoes and accessories – we would be here all day. No joke!

Everything above is new in online so you’ll be able to get your hands on them too, if you like anything. What a coincidence it’s the same model wearing the two dresses I picked, haha.

Crochet fringe top: £65
Crochet print dress: £60
Denim shacket: £45
I love this fringe top because it’s so different from anything I would ever look for. I love the fringing detail but I do think it would get stuck to absolutely everything. I think this would look amazing with some pretty high-waisted shorts in summer and a cute pair of sandals. The dress is 100% out of my comfort zone but I think it’s so funky and cool! The colours really compliment one another and I think it would look really cool with a tan. I adore this ‘shacket’ because as the name suggests you can wear it as a shirt and a jacket, perfect! I really like the look of this shirt, it may not be very appropriate for summer but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy it!

Tapestry dress: £36
Denim shirt dress: £42
I’m not really into clothes that don’t have longer sleeves, I never have been but I love this dress because it just screams summer. The colours are so pretty together and I think it would look really good with a nice pair of gladiator sandals. I love this shirt dress because it gives that oversized shirt look – which can look really put together when really you’ve just flung on a dress. Perfect for summer!

Let me know what you think down below, take care!
Lauren x

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