Topshop nail-polish review #1

My collection of nail polish is pretty crazy, I bought this gorgeous colour from Topshop about 1 month ago and this is me just getting round to using it. It’s a beautiful blue metallic colour which has a gorgeous shimmer through it.

‘Blue on Blue’ Topshop, £6


This may not be the best colour for summer but I’ve never really believed in having a certain colour of nails for the seasons, I just use which ever one I feel like using.


My sister recently started buying shellac nail polish so she can do it at home and along with that, she bought this nail polish lamp from Amazon. I used this to quickly dry my nail polish, I just put each hand under for 2 minutes and I’m good to go! Click here to buy the lamp, it’s only £19 and it’s definetly worth it if you’re impatient like me. I always smudge my nail polish. I love the Topshop nail polishes because they’re east to apply and the colour variety is insane!

Let me know what your favourite polishes are down below! x


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