Date night!

It’s not very often we get nice weather in Glasgow but yesterday was lovely. My boyfriend and I decided to take his dogs Casper and Buzz a walk, a very long walk to the park. The dogs absolutely love going out, Casper is 7 and Buzz is just a little guy, he’s 1 in September. These two little guys are my favourite, I absolutely adore them both (as cheesy as that sounds.) They’re both so funny together because Buzz just copies everything Casper does.


When we got home, this was Buzz lying on the ground absolutely knackered whilst launching his head into his water bowl.

Afterwards, my boyfriend and I decided to go for some Tapas in the North of Glasgow at a place called Las Ramblas. It was the first time I had ever tried Tapas and it was bloody amazing.



The cocktails were obviously essential. Afterwards, we went to see 22 Jump Street which we thought was absolutely hilarious, it’s definitely a must-see!

Lauren xx


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