Summer essentials (ASOS edition)

Since summer is almost here, I thought I would put together some things I think every girl needs. Since ASOS have such a huge variety of items – everything listed will be from there.

MOM shorts: ASOS, £28
Palm print top: ASOS, £20
I think a pair of high-waisted shorts are a must for summer. I’m not really a skirt person so I always opt for a pair of shorts and they have to be high-waisted. I love the MOM style shorts because they don’t show too much which is never a good sight. These for £28 are a bargain. You always need a nice tee to fling on during summer and I chose this one with a palm print on it. I think it’s funky and perfect for the summer months because it’s slightly cropped.

River Island dress: (via ASOS) £32
Floral jumpsuit: ASOS, £37.50 (sale)
I love this dress because of the length and pattern. The zig zag pattern is flattering and it’s not too in your face. I really like wear the dress stops on the models body because I’m not okay with bearing my legs for the world so this is the perfect length, for me.

Denim jacket: ASOS, £33.50 (sale)
Lace kimono: ASOS, £55
I think every girl needs a denim jacket in her wardrobe all year round, never mind for summer. They’re perfect to throw on during the cooler days where you need a jacket but you don’t want to wear something too hot. I personally love the oversized look when it comes to denim jackets but wear it which ever way you like! Kimonos are back this year, last year I didn’t really get into them because I thought they were hard to style but I think they can totally transform a plain outfit.


Aztec backpack: ASOS, £24 (sale)
Beach shorts: ASOS, £10.50 (sale)
Birkenstocks: ASOS, £49.95
Sunglasses: ASOS, £12
I think this backpack is so funky for summer and especially if you’re going to a festival. These beach shorts are what I lived in when I went to Florida last year because they’re so comfortable and you can just fling them on and you’re good to go. Everyone needs a comfortable pair of sandals for summer, I linked the Birkenstocks because they’re so popular but there’s so many others available, I recently mentioned a pair I bought from H&M. Lastly, everyone needs a pair of cool sunglasses. I have a pair in my hand-bag for when I’m driving when it’s sunny but obviously you need them for summer.

Let me know what your summer essentials are down below!
Lauren x



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