Current favourite YouTubers!

I have been watching YouTube videos since I was about 16. I’m 20 this year which means I’ve been watching the same girls on Youtube for four years. I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to make YouTube videos of my own but I sure do waste a lot of time watching other people. I really enjoy watching vlogs because I’m nosey and I love to see what people get up to.


Barbara (ThePersianBabe)
I have the biggest girl crush on Barbara, she’s been my favourite YouTuber for as long as I can remember. If you were to ask me who my all time favourite Youtuber is, it would most certainly be Barbara. I love everything about her, from her amazing style and her super long haul videos. I think Barbara and I have a very similar style and she has definitely made me purchase certain items I can’t afford. She styles pieces of clothing so perfectly and I think her voice is so soothing, I could sit and watch Barbara’s videos for hours.

Zoe (Zoella)
She’s everyone’s favourite isn’t she? I remember watching Zoe’s videos years back and I originally thought she was pretty annoying but now I absolutely adore her. I think she’s absolutely hilarious and I really enjoy watching her vlog videos with all her fellow YouTube friends. Tanya Burr and her together are absolutely hilarious. I would kill for Zoe’s hair, why can’t I have her like that?! I love being able to watch people grow up – for example, Zoe moving into her own home. I remember my 12 year-old sister talking about her one day and then we realised we both watch her. It’s so bizarre how one person can relate to so many age groups.

Claire (HeyClaire)
Claire is 100% my favourite American YouTuber, I want her apartment. Everything in her home is incredible, she’s made me want my apartment to have a brick wall when I’m older, haha. I love how Claire edits her videos and how she makes them so fun and makes you laugh! Again, her style is amazing and she has a pretty fantastic body too (how creepy do I sound?)

Gracie (UglyFaceOfBeauty)
Grace is another YouTuber whom I have watched for many years now. I’ve seen her go through her amazing weight-loss journey and she inspires me so much. I think she’s an amazing person for what she does. Again, I’ve definitely made some naughty purchases thanks to Gracie. I love her mahoosive hair and her quirky style. You should definitely watch her videos for some motivation and also if you just want a good laugh. I remember crying with laughter once whilst watching a video of her and her sister. She makes you laugh, what else could you ask for?

Essie (EssieButtonVlogs)
Essie and Aslan’s vlogs are my absolute favourite. They’re so funny and even though her vlog videos are around 17 minutes long – I watch every single one of them. I love their relationship and how much love they have for their dog, Reggie. Essie seems like the most friendliest person in the world. I also love Essie’s beauty videos on her main channel because she makes me laugh and has an amazing personality.

Suzi (StyleSuzi)
I’ve been watching Suzi for a long time too and she’s always been a favourite of mine, I love everything about her. I think she’s so beautiful and I need hair like hers. I spend a lot of time watching her vlogs and reading her blog, too. She has a Bichon Frise called Coco who is the cutest thing ever, she’s adorable. I love how Suzi is getting married this year and how she’s taking us along with her (through vlogs.)

Sammi (BeautyCrush)
Sammi is the epitome of beautiful. She is so stunning and again, I’ve been watching her for years. I’ve seen her from when she filmed in her bedroom when she lived with her mum to watching her with her beautiful dog. I love Sammi’s style and her lookbooks are my favourite. She has the most amazing legs. (here I am sounding really creepy again) I love how Sammi edits her videos and her Instagram is also amazing, the photos she takes are great. She’s definitely made me hungry through some of her Instagram posts. I loved watching her vlogs from when she was in Australia with Tasha Green (also another one of my favourite YouTubers.)

The photos are just some screenshots from my iPhone so you guys could put a face to the name, haha.
Take care, Lauren x

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Let me know down below who your favourite YouTubers are!


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