Weekend #2

This weekend was a pretty good one, on Friday like I said in my last post I was out at night just into town (Glasgow) with everyone from work. It was a fantastic night but I woke up the next morning feeling rubbish. This is my outfit from Friday in work, I wore my ASOS dungarees and just a plain striped top from Topshop.


20140601-142521-51921632.jpgAfter suffering yesterday morning, I was working a 12-7:30 which actually went pretty fast. I didn’t go into work hungover – I managed to cure my hangover before I got there. In work, one of the girls I work with was doing everyone’s make-up because it’s payday weekend for most people and obviously I had to join in.

I wore my boiler-suit to work yesterday because I wanted to be causal and most importantly comfortable. I got my boyfriend to take this photo last night, haha. I wore my Vans from the Liberty collection, I bought these last year for about Β£55. I love them because they’re so comfortable.


Take care, Lauren xx


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