Style Inspiration – Kylie Jenner

There are so many people who inspire me with the way they dress from Celebrities, Bloggers, Youtubers and people I see on the street but I absolutely adore Kylie Jenner’s style. I think she always looks SO good! I know she’s probably got a stylist who shows her how to wear these items and she most likely has advice from professionals every day but damn, just give me her wardrobe right now please.

This is my favourite look of hers, the dungarees are perfect I think. The colour isn’t what I would normally look for but I think the way the dungarees have been styled is gorgeous. The white crop top is so simple and they’re so cheap to buy! After looking through photos of Kylie – she clearly loves her court shoes. I think these kind of shoes are so simple to style and they aren’t too uncomfortable. I think this look is a winner and would look amazing all year round. I’ve listed some items below which I think you could use to re-create this look:
Topshop court shoes £69
Topshop jumpsuit £58 (found this which I think would be gorgeous with some white court shoes)
Boohoo dungarees £25 (isn’t this ironic after Kylie wore the Explicit Content tee a while back)
ASOS crop top £6

I love how she wore an all white outfit and actually made it work – that’s pretty hard to do. This look is so simplistic and basic but it looks so put together when really she’s just flung on a white crop top and some nice white mesh joggers. Amazing!
ASOS crew neck crop top £6
Topshop utility joggers £38. In the second photo, again she looks very casual and put together when really all she’s wearing is a band tee and some ripped jeans – such an easy look to pull together I think. You can get band tees from so many different online shops, even Urban Outfitters do some pretty cool ones. Topshop Hayden jeans £45.

These are some more of my favourite looks from Kylie, in the first photo she’s wearing an oversized tartan shirt as a dress and she makes it look so stylish. The last photo isn’t something I could ever wear but if you’re brave enough then go for it! Topshop are selling a very similar playsuit to the one Kylie is wearing – Skort playsuit £48. Overall, I think Kylie’s style is very unique. After researching – she does a buy a lot of her clothes from ASOS. She has a very simplistic style and doesn’t really wear that much colour in her outfits. I find a lot of her outfits on Tumblr – whenever I see a photo of Kylie it gets re-blogged so if you like her style, you should follow my Tumblr
Kylie’s Tumblr

Take care, Lauren x


3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration – Kylie Jenner

  1. Lil says:

    Hi Lauren!
    Thanks for your comment and for following me on Bloglovin’ 🙂 I’ve followed you back, and I just thought I’d say I love your blog, the design is so pretty!
    Lil x

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