ASOS shoe wish-list!

I thought I would quickly share with you guys just a few of the shoes I desperately want from ASOS.

Photo 1:
The first pair are these gorgeous suede desert boots – I’ve wanted a pair of desert boots for months and the price of these is just amazing! The colour is what drew me towards the boots because they’re so bright but “not too in your face” bright.
Photo 2:
The second pair is a pair of chunky heels which I think are stunning (they are pricey at £50 but they’re so pretty so it’s worth it, right?) I think this colour of orange is perfect for summer! (Click here to see the shoes.)
Photo 3:
My sister and I have so many pairs of Nike trainers for the Gym/working out between us but when I saw these on the ASOS website, I totally fell in love. I think the colours are so lovely and they would definitely motivate me to go to the Gym more often. Paying £85 for a good pair of gym trainers doesn’t bother me because they’ll last you years and you’ll get so much wear out of them.
Photo 4:
The last photo is these black leather Chelsea Boots which cost £60, I love the silver zip detail on the boot and I love how they look so sturdy and comfortable! £60 is pretty steep but that’s how much a pair of boots like these would sell at in Topshop so I really don’t mind paying £60 for a pair of boots like these. You can never have too many pairs of black boots!

Lauren x


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