Weekend #2

Warning: Super long blogpost coming up. What you’re about to read is nothing beauty or fashion related – just a chatty post. This weekend has been pretty standard, working lots and complaining about working lots. On Saturday I got a new radio fitted in my car – so exciting (I’m not even being sarcastic.) My car is pretty old and before, I couldn’t listen to my own music from my iPhone so I thought I’d treat myself to a new radio – I absolutely love it! I drove home blaring Chris Brown – Loyal at the top of my lungs. I’m not even embarrassed!

I’ve got an old-school Renault Clio and yeah, it’s very old but I love my car so much. I only passed my test in September of last year and I’ve already had two cars (I’ve spent £2,000 on cars in under a year) Can you imagine how poor I am? Don’t even get me started on how expensive car insurance is too. I’m so unlucky with cars. My last car broke down on the motorway and that was the last time I ever drove it, there were a lot of tears. After saving for so long to get my first car and then for it to get scrapped three months later is pretty crappy. I’ve had my Clio for almost 3 months and I haven’t had any problems with it till this weekend – I got it tested and everything is fine so hallelujah! Last night I took this photo from Pinterest which I thought was quite funny –

20140525-171244-61964922.jpg ^ This is 100% me. I obviously had to share it on Instagram. After getting the car tested (and being relieved to find out everything is fine) my sister and I drove to Costa to spend more money we don’t have (as always.) If you haven’t tried the Costa Chicken Fajita’s – you have to! They are so delicious. Obviously we couldn’t go to Costa and just buy ourselves something so the whole family enjoyed one too.

I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend – I’ll spend the next two days working unfortunately.
Take care, Lauren x
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