Benefit Pore-fessional Review!

I recently got this freebie from the Elle magazine – I buy Elle every month so I was so excited to see this little thing in with it. I’ve never wanted to buy the primer because I think it’s pretty pricey at £24.50 for the big tube. After trying it for about 2 weeks – I’ll definitely be purchasing it soon. There is so much hype about this product so I definitely suggest giving it a try.

I’ve used this NARS primer in the past with SPF in it and it was really good but again I didn’t re-purchase it because of the price. I think a primer is an essential for your every-day make-up because it sets your make-up for the day. There are so many primers which are hyped about it and the next one I’m willing to try is the Rimmel Stay Matte primer which only costs £5.99!


As you can see the tube is teeny-tiny but you only need the smallest amount of primer.
Reasons why I love it:
The formula compliments all skin tones, I love the feeling of it on my skin and it doesn’t break me out. The primer makes my skin feel so smooth after applying it. It’s so easy to apply after moisturising your face and it blurs out any pores on my skin. Apparently you can even apply this product over your make-up which I guess can help through-out the day, I haven’t tried this but if you have then let me know!
Cost? The cost is pretty expensive – I pay £30 for my foundation and for a primer at £24, it’s pretty steep but I definitely think it’s worth it. When this little tube is empty, I’ll be heading out for more.

Lauren x
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4 thoughts on “Benefit Pore-fessional Review!

  1. Sammy says:

    I got Elle just to try this primer! I absolutely love it, but like you said it’s pretty expensive so I’m unsure about whether I’d repurchase.

    Sammy xx

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