Busy Friday!

Today was such a rushed day it and flew in so I’m not complaining. I was working a 1-10 (unfortunately) and work was so busy. Probably because it’s the weekend and pay weekend! Or maybe because it’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow! (so sad I’m not there) and everyone is panic buying, looking for the old-school raincoats which are back in trend.

I’ve warned my sister that she’ll be the one taking the photos of me in my back-garden haha, she is not happy! My outfit today was pretty casual, I wanted to be comfortable because I was working such a long shift.

20140524-000709-429833.jpg As you can see I’m sporting the double-denim look, I’m a sucker for double denim and however many times my mum tells me it looks ridiculous – I’ll continue to wear it. My whole outfit is Topshop except my Juju’s which are from ASOS. I love this shirt because it can completely change an outfit, it’s so easy to throw on and it’s not hard to style because it’s normally the main focus of an outfit because of the pattern. I’ve been living in these Jamie jeans recently because I love the ripped denim look! I finished the look with my denim jacket – I bought this in a size 14 so it would look more oversized because it’s supposed to be fitted. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think it looks like a size 14 at all.

Let me know what you think, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Lauren x


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