The boiler-suit

I know you’re probably thinking “Oh god, she looks ridiculous!” I absolutely love this jumpsuit. Working in Topshop means I get to see all the new pieces earlier than everyone else – when I first saw this ‘boiler-suit’ in work, I thought it was horrendous. Who would wear that, I thought to myself. In work one day a lady tried it on and she completely changed my thoughts on it!

I love how timeless it is, whenever I wear it – I get so many compliments! It’s a piece that is either a love or hate kind of thing. The price is steep for Topshop but it’s definitely worth it – Denim boiler-suit

I styled the jumpsuit/boiler-suit (whatever one you want to call it) with my ASOS Leopard print skater shoes which cost ยฃ20! A bargain price but I will warn you – they are so painful to wear.
ASOS Dockland skater shoes

One thing I love about the jumpsuit is it looks amazing with a tan! I’m so glad I bought it because it is now one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe.

Let me know if you like it or not! x


3 thoughts on “The boiler-suit

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