Juju jellies

When I seen that Juju jelly sandals were back in trend last summer I just laughed it off because I thought they looked so stupid. I remember having a pair when I was about 10 years-old! I take back what I said because I absolutely love them now. I bought my first pair almost two months ago and I never have them off my feet now, they’re my new favourite summer shoe. I got my first pair from ASOS for £20. (£18 with Unidays student discount)



^ Mom jeans, £40 – Topshop (alternative)

I bought black jellies first because I thought they would be easier to style. I think £20 is an amazing price because you will get so much wear out of them. I also have Juju jellies in this colour from ASOS which cost £24, bargain! This colour is a little more difficult to style but they completely jazz up an outfit and they’re so lovely for summer.


I am obsessed with the Juju jelly sandals, the next colour I want are these from Office, I think the colour is so perfect for summer and they’ll look gorgeous with a tan!

Lauren x


10 thoughts on “Juju jellies

  1. Jone says:

    Love those, they’re so cute! Also, so jealous you work for Topshop, I don’t have one near where I live. justjone.blogspot.com

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