May wish-list

I am absolutely loving ASOS right now, their ‘New in’ section is perfect at the moment. There are so many lovely pieces which I think would be amazing for summer.


These four times are just some of the pieces I really want to own! The first item is a pair of Birkenstocks – doesn’t everyone want a pair? I’m so jealous if you already do own a pair. I’m not really into wearing sandals but I can definitely see me wearing these in work for a casual outfit and of course – they would be perfect on holiday. Costing £50, I can totally understand why people may not splurge because they are simply just a summer sandal. Although, I think they would last years and for a pair of sandals which will last you a long time – I guess it’s worth it. Before I can allow myself to spend £50 on them – I saw these in Topshop, which cost only £26 which I think is a bargain! They are clearly a dupe of the Birkenstock but I think it’s a pretty good one. I want to try these before splurging on the Birkenstock to find ways of how I could style them etc.

The second photo is of this amazing Mac from ASOS which costs £75. I think it’s absolutely stunning. After seeing Kylie Jenner in this blue Duster Coat from ASOS, I desperately want to own something similar. I think a MAC is is so timeless and I love the length of this one in particular.

Second from last, is this red and black checked shirt from ASOS (again) I think this shirt is so pretty, I was considering buying a men’s black and red one but after seeing this – I need it! For £28, I think that’s a pretty reasonable price – I normally pay around £30 for a good quality checked shirt. I love how bright the shirt is and I think it would be perfect all year round.

The last item I desperately want is this chiffon kaftan from H&M. I don’t normally shop in H&M because I think it can be very hit-or-miss. I was speaking to a girl in work who was wearing this kaftan and she told me it was £9.99!!!! I was absolutely shocked because I was considering buying this amazing one from Topshop which costs £38. Online, the H&M kaftan is £6.99 right now (I don’t know how long the promotion will last but you will not regret buying it!!!) I think it’s obvious which one I want to buy, infact I just ordered the H&M one online because it’s sold out everywhere! Such an amazing bargain.

Lauren x
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