Weekend #1

So this weekend was full of Birthdays. My little sister turned 12 on Saturday and it was my boyfriend, Christopher’s birthday on Sunday. Unfortunately, for the first year ever my little sister, Kelsey spent her birthday with her dad so she wasn’t home. Although, we decorated the house with tonnes of banners and had everything set out for her coming home. Obviously the huge pink balloons were essential. I’m definitely looking forward to sucking the helium out of those (of course.)


My other sister and I bought Kelsey a huge Millie’s Cookie because we seem to get her one every year. I love the idea of the cookie because you can get it personalised which ever way you like (and I got discount, oh yeah) this year I just kept it simple, as you can see by the photo – Kelsey and my brother clearly enjoyed eating it before I could get a photo of it (not half eaten.)


On Sunday, like I said it was my boyfriends birthday. Every year, we go to his favourite restaurant in the East End of Glasgow. One word = Amazing. Christopher and I knew exactly what we were having to eat because we get the same thing every time we visit. The Chicken Curry with Rice and Fries is absolutely delicious. For dessert, I had my all time favourite Chocolate Fudge Cake (so yummy.)



When we got home, another night of Game of Thrones (season 2) began. Christopher and I are completely hooked on the show. We watched season 1 in the space of roughly 6 days – I am obsessed.

Game of Thrones: Season 1 Trailer
You can buy each season for about Β£20 on Amazon or even better, all seasons are available on Sky to watch!



Christopher obviously not happy about me taking photos for my blog haha!

Lauren x


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