Revlon Matte Lipsticks

I recently saw these Revlon colour-burst matte lipsticks in Boots, I want every colour available. They’re so pigmented and I love the finish off them, I didn’t think I’d fancy the idea of a matte lipstick but these are lovely. They cost £5.99-£7.99 from Boots and Superdrug. I got the colours 240 (Striking Spectaculaire) and 205 (Elusive.) The first colour is a red/orange tone and it looks amazing on the lips, this is the kind of colour I would wear on a night out. The second colour is a baby-pink and is so pretty for the day!



The smell of the lipsticks are minty and you can taste mint when you apply them. This isn’t an issue for me but I think this night annoy some people. I intend on buying more colours from the range, there is also a range of the colour-burst lipsticks that aren’t matte. The photo below shows each lipstick swatch and I also just inserted a photo of me wearing both.





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