Are Vagabond shoes really worth all that money?

I absolutely adored my Vagabond Libby boots when I first got them. Although, I have only worn them several times, I 100% think they are the most uncomfortable boots I’ve ever worn. Costing £100-£110, depending on where you buy them from, are they really worth spending that much money on?


My sister bought mine as a gift at Christmas as I had wanted them for months. She bought them from the Vagabond website and I was so excited to finally own a pair. I wore them to work one day (just an easy four hour shift) and I literally had to sit down and change shoes because my feet were hurting so bad. Ever since then I’ve been scared to wear them. Before I owned the Vagabond Libby boots, I bought a pair of boots from Topshop called “Astrix” which only cost £42. These boots are so incredibly comfortable and you can wear them day-to-night. You’ve probably seen them before because pretty much everyone has them.

Topshop Astrix boot
Similar boots (Topshop)

I honestly prefer my Topshop boots in comparison to the Vagabond Libby’s. The more expensive shoe may be prettier to look at and yes, it is definitely a classic boot to own – if you can bear the pain but to me, comfort is so important. Although, I have heard many mixed reviews about the Vagabond boots, so maybe try them on, have a walk around in them before you splash out on over £100 on them. I’m gonna sound like a hypocrite now but I desperately want the ‘Dioon’ Vagabond boots, which are pretty much the lower version of the ones I already own. These boots cost £90 and you can buy them from Urban Outfitters and Office. From the pain I experienced with the Libby boot, I most likely won’t purchase another pair of Vagabond boots but maybe because the heel on the Dioon shoe is lower, it could be more comfortable? New Look were selling boots really similar to those down below but I just couldn’t get my hands on them! Although, I did find these on the New Look website which are very similar and they only cost £25 so you can’t really go wrong, can you?

Lauren x


2 thoughts on “Are Vagabond shoes really worth all that money?

  1. Natalie says:

    I have a pair of Vagabond Dioon boots that I bought a few weeks ago and they are so comfy! They’re so lightweight as well so definitely worth the £65 I paid for them in my opinion =)

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