Neon yellow (that’s a first)

One colour I never thought I’d see myself wearing is neon yellow or any neon colour infact. A few months back I saw a girl wearing a beautiful neon crochet top (looked like Zara) but I couldn’t find it anywhere. When I saw this one in work (Topshop) I had to have it.


I absolute love how bright it is and I especially love how good it looks with my white jeans from Topshop. I paired it with a yellow/green cami underneath from Topshop, it’s the cropped cami which has been on the rails in Topshop for almost two years, you’ll know what one I’m talking about. I think they cost £6 which is a bargain! I wore my black Astrix boots from Topshop which I think are out of stock now but there are similar ones in stock. My black chunky belt is from Topman which I got for around £12. The top itself isn’t actually Topshop it’s from a concession brand called Beloved in Topshop. Most bigger stores will stock these items, the price was definitely steep at £35 for a top – my justification for buying it was it will be perfect for Summer. The top comes in pink and white too. The only cons of the top are that there’s a 90% chance there will be make-up on the neck, but don’t worry it will come off! Well at-least it will come out of the yellow and pink top, I’m not too sure about the white.


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