Miley Cyrus = Queen

It may have taken me about 6 years to FINALLY see this beauty live in concert but it was definitely worth it. I know you either love or hate her, but I just think she’s absolutely brilliant. After seeing her live, my goal is to have legs like Miley. My sister and I bought tickets to see her at the Hydro in Glasgow City. This was the first time I had drove into town on my own without my boyfriend giving me directions and telling me to stay calm. Before hand, we got a McDonald’s (obviously) and then made our way there. The Hydro is pretty new in Glasgow so we were quite apprehensive to see how big it was. When we arrived (in one piece) I’m not a bad drive or anything I just get super nervous driving to new places, we paid for parking and made our way to the arena. We got drinks, Ainsley my sister got a vodka and I was stuck with the coke. I was undecided whether or not to buy a programme so I said I would get one at the end of the show. We were standing and there were huge balloons hanging from the ceilings. We were pretty close to the stage and she arrived on stage exactly on time.



The photo above is me and my sister clearly super excited for the show and also the balloons and arena etc. Overall, the show was insane. Every second word that came out of her mouth was a curse word, but that’s not a surprise. She was so happy and thankful for the show. After making the audience “make-out” and spitting on the crowd, she changed stage to a smaller one behind the standing area where she sang more personal songs.



She took her famous selfies with the crowd and continued to make everyone laugh. I would definitely suggest seeing her live (if you’re remotely interested.) The show was incredible and we even got home before midnight!!





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