It may not be anything to do with fashion or beauty but I was SO excited to see Godzilla in the cinema after seeing the trailer for it a couple months back. I’ve never watched Breaking Bad but my sister and boyfriend never shut up about it and they told me Bryan Cranston was in it, so obviously the movie had to be good.



Not to ruin the movie for anyone, it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. At some points my sister and I looked at one another as if “did that really just happen.” I definitely would suggest going to see it but don’t be surprised if you’re disappointed in the end. This movie was the first time I had seen Elizabeth Olsen acting and I guess you could say she done pretty well.


You’re probably thinking why is there a photo of a Transformer when this post is about Godzilla, right? I just couldn’t not take a photo with the 4th Transformers movie advertisement. I am SO SO excited for the movie in July, my sister and I are completely obsessed with the movies and I just know it will be amazing. I’m sad Shia won’t be in this movie but I’m sure Mark Wahlberg will do it justice. I even have a Transformer Autobot badge in my car, if I could stick it on my car – I would (it’s just way too big.) If you’ve never seen the Transformers movies, you definitely should. Not only will you be obsessed with Optimus Prime and his homies, the cast is pretty good looking too. I’m definitely a movie kind of person, don’t even get me started on the Fast & Furious movies!

Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer

2014 Cinema is so exciting, I’m really looking forward to The Fault In Our Stars too, I think Shailene Woodley is an amazing actor, this movie is obviously gonna be a tear-jerker.

The Fault In Our Stars Trailer

If anyone’s wondering what I’m wearing in the photo:
Denim jacket – £45, Topshop
White ripped mom jeans – £40, Topshop
Juju sandals (again) – £20, ASOS


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