My First YouTube Video

Hey guys, I caved and finally tried making a video for my YouTube. I’ve watched people on YouTube for so many years and always loved the thought of actually doing it. I suppose you can’t really call it an official first ‘beauty or fashion’ related video which I hope it could end up being but if I uploaded it, that must mean I’m happy-ish with my editing skills, haha. I just made it about my puppy Woody, he’s turning into a rascal more and more each day so I thought it would be cool to document his journey so far, the whole 15 weeks of it, haha. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have an account and I do plan on having the same kind of content on there as I do my blog so I hope you keep checking back for updates.

My channel:

I hope you’re all well.

Take care,


Birthday Month and Update 


Long time no speak guys, September was such a crazy month for me and I am 100% guilty of not blogging, whoops. Like I said in my last post I turned 21 last month and I had a great time celebrating my birthday. I finally got my private registration that I’ve been hinting about to Christopher for over a year. If you can’t tell, it stands for my surname haha. I can’t believe I’m actually showing you guys my birthday cake but it’s funny so why not, let’s just say I no longer trust my sister with my snaps I send her. I will link my outfits below if you’re interested in knowing where anything is from.

The beautiful little puppy in the images is my little guy, I’ve had him for 1 week now and I swear, I love him so much. His name is Woody and he’s just the cutest little guy ever. Please beware of thousands more photos of him to come. Christopher, my sister and I recently went to see Kevin Bridges at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow and I’m not gonna lie – I had to take my inhaler on several occasions from laughing so much.

Outfit 1 /
Trousers, Blouse

Outfit 2 /
Dress, Heels are Boohoo

Take care x


August in Photos 


Hey guys, long time no post haha. Work has completely taken over as I’m not yet back at uni so I need the money. I thought I would share some photos from this month as it’s almost September, my birthday month! I’m 21 next week so hopefully there will be some birthday posts coming soon.

These photos are just of me and the dogs, we took them on a huuuuuuge walk to a Country Park and they were absolutely filthy afterwards. I finally bought myself a pair of dungarees from work, I will link them here – I got the cord pair instead of denim because they’re so much more comfortable. They cost £50, pricey but so worth it. For my sisters 23rd birthday at the beginning of the month – my mum and I bought her a tortoise. Crazy I know but she was so happy and he’s so chilled out and relaxed all the time. Incase you’re wondering what she called him – Mikey (Michaelangelo from TMNT). My 3 friends and I had way too much fun in this car journey when we had the roof down, I called shotgun because you do not wanna be in the back of a convertible when you have HAIR. Kimberley and I went to the beach recently when it was warm in Scotland (shock horror) and bought some Nardini Ice Cream, so damn good. The last photo is of Casper and I, one night when he was actually okay with me hugging him haha.

I hope you’re all well x


5 Days in Outfits 


Hey guys, I have been clearly taking loads of outfit selfies recently so I thought I would share them with you guys. The first photo is of me last Saturday, it was my mums birthday party and I had set on wearing something I already had (outfit repeater) but then I found these AMAZING Kendall and Kylie trousers in the Last Chance to Buy section in work (Topshop). How stunning are they?! I am in love with them, I paired them with my infamous Pretty Little Thing heels and my Topshop bralet. I will try and list items below. I am loving the all black look just now, so classic and simple but so put together.

The next four photos are outfits I wore in work during the week. I deep down love dressing like a boy, I love being comfortable and I feel more confident when I feel happy and not uncomfortable in my clothes. Pairing Converse with an outfit makes it look more casual and laidback and with my ripped jeans from Topshop, I thought it looked really cool. I paired this look with an oversized striped top.

Striped tops are my favourite tops to wear because they pretty much go with everything and are so simple to style. I wore my cream d-ring trousers one day with my black sandals from Primark. I still cannot get over these shoes, they’re so comfortable!!! I swear, I’ve worn them the majority of the summer and they only cost £10, bargain!

My Converse and ripped jeans came out again but instead I wore it with this simple tropical tee from Topshop, can you tell I was going for another casual and comfortable look this day? Haha.

Lastly, I do love a crop top but sometimes I’m not always comfortable wearing one on its own so I paired the top with my white oversized shirt and some plain Jamie jeans from Topshop and again, my beloved sandals in this rusty orange colour.

I will try my best to link all items below and if sold out/unavailable – link alternatives.

Outfit 1 
Trousers – Kendall & Kylie for Topshop, £40 (alternative)
Bralet – Topshop
Heels – Pretty Little Thing (alternative)

Outfit 2
Jeans – Topshop
Converse – Schuh
Oversized tee – Topshop

Outfit 3 
Striped tee – Topshop
D-ring trousers – Topshop
Sandals – Primark `

Outfit 4
Tee – Topshop
Jeans and Converse – Same as Outfit 2

Outfit 5
Crop top – Topshop
Oversized shirt – Topshop
Jeans – Topshop
Sandals – Primark

Sorry for all the Topshop, take care guys x

Nike Flyknit 


Praise the Lord for Nike. I FINALLY got myself a new pair of gym shoes, I’ve wanted a black and white pair for some time now and they’re finally mine, haha. I absolutely love this pair of Flyknits (Nike Free 4.0), I think they’re amazing. I already have a pair of Flyknits that I’ve used religiously at the gym since Christmas so a new pair was definitely long overdue. I love how they’re so simple but still look insaaaaaaane! I’m so happy with them, if you’ve never tried a pair of Nike gym shoes, you should give them definitely give them a bash!

Let me know what you think of them down below, take care.


Birthday Celebrations Part 2 


Hey guys, I hope you’re all well. On Saturday, my friends and I celebrated my friend Danielle’s 21st birthday. I thought I would share some photos from the night, I basically spent the full time laughing. My whole outfit was pretty much Topshop apart from my shoes, everything will be listed below! If you want to know where any of my friends’ outfits are from – just let me know.

Bralet – Alternative (original sold out)
Trousers – Topshop
Shoes – Alternative (original sold out)

Take care guys, x


Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream 

       Hey guys, I briefly spoke about this CC Cream in a recent blog post but since I love it so much, I’ve decided to do a full review on it. Never heard of Arbonne? The company is similar to Avon, products are sold online but delivered to your door and sold through Independent Consultants. All Arbonne products are gluten-free, vegan and allergy tested.

The CC Cream retails at £31 and is available in four shades – Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. Up until 3 weeks ago, I religiously used my NARS foundation and would never look at any other base for my skin. Although, I started Arbonne and a friend recommended it to me, this CC Cream is amazing! I haven’t worn foundation once since I bought it. Crazy, right?!

On Arbonne’s website, the Cream is described as creating a healthier looking complexion with a lightweight coverage which builds to conceal blemishes, dark spots and minimise the appearance of pores. I originally bought the shade Light, although as I’m a fake-tan junkie, the shade Light was a little too light for my skin (when I have fake tan on). I then bought Medium which is perfect for my skin. When my tan starts to come off and my skin is a little more pale – I use Light but to be totally honest, if I had NO fake tan on (which never happens) I think my shade would be Fair which is crazy. But overall, because I wear fake tan everyday – my shade is Medium (confusion over).

I don’t think the product is sticky at all and feels super velvety. You only need a small amount (I use one pump – see picture 2 above) as it blends into the skin so nicely. I use Arbonne’s makeup primer before I apply the CC Cream and they work great together. When I first started using the Cream, I applied with my finger but now I prefer the finish I get when I use my Real Techniques Buffing brush. One layer of product is perfect for me because I prefer to have a light coverage unless I’m going on a night out. The pictures below show you just how flawless it makes my skin look. I think it looks super dewy and doesn’t my skin look glowing? The CC Cream has become my holy-grail base because it’s so easy to apply and lasts all day long. Unlike my foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and overall, it feels like I’m wearing nothing on my skin at all!

You can buy the CC Cream here for £31 or you can sign up as a Preferred Client and receive 20% off all year round, you’ll then get the Cream for £24.80. If you’ve tried the Cream before, let me know what you think of it!

If you’re interested in hearing more about Arbonne products and my journey, feel free to like my Facebook page.

L x


Topshop Wishlishtin’ 


Hey all, since you know Topshop is definitely my favourite shop to buy from – I figured I would do my current Wishlist! I work in Topshop so it’s super hard for me to resist buying things but these things are what I’m loving right now. I ADORE this poppy jumpsuit, I think it would look amazing on holiday or even to work with a cute pair of sandals and a tan. I keep trying to stay clear of ripped jeans, I think myself and ripped jeans are over haha. But I do love these Lucas and Baxter jeans, they’re different from my regular Jamie buys and look so classic. The black bomber is so lovely, I love how it has a drawstring to tie at the bottom, this will definitely be my next purchase haha. I will link all items down below so you can have a look for yourself, tell me what you guys think of these pieces!

(Items listed top to bottom)
Poppy Jumpsuit, £59
Knitted Striped Tee, £20
Herringbone Striped Tee, £38
Belted Crepe Leg Trousers, £40
Oversized Chambray Shirt, £30
Bomber Jacket, £55
Lucas Boyfriend Jeans, £42
Baxter Ripped Jeans, £40
Heaven Gladiator Sandals, £26
Hitch 70s Style Boots, £65

L x

Full Face With Arbonne 


Hey guys, I bought some Arbonne products recently and I’m so excited to show them to you guys! Arbonne is a Beauty and Skin Care company which uses all natural and beneficial ingredients. It’s a vegan and gluten-free brand which is perfect. There’s no nasties and I can assure you’ll love the products.

I firstly used the Makeup Primer which reminds me of the Benefit Porefessional but this product is so much more silky and velvety and feels lovely on the skin. It costs £27 and will last you 3-4 months! I never usually wore a face primer day-to-day but now I’ll definitely be using this religiously. The CC cream is what I’m most excited about, in the photos I’m wearing the Medium shade which I think is perfect for me. I LOVE how this looks on my skin, it’s so light, glowy and duey – it’s my new favourite product. After I applied the primer and CC cream, I added a little bronzer to my cheekbones and my temples, I love this bronzer because it’s not too dark, this shade is the only shade available and it suits all different skin tones. You guys might have noticed I’m an eyeliner junkie but when I applied the Arbonne mascara, I didn’t feel the need to apply liner because I thought my lashes looked amazing!!! They were so long and volumised and I think I looked so much more awake. You need to try this mascara, this was just one layer!! Lastly I applied the lipstick in the shade Hibiscus, it’s such a beautiful colour and I would wear this not only at night but during the day, it’s the perfect day to night shade.

The first photo is before I applied my makeup, you can see my skin looks quite dull and tired, the bigger photo is after I applied one layer of the CC cream and the other products, my face looks so much healthier and fresh. The bottom left photo I took when I got home about 5 hours later and my face still looked just as fresh and duey, I absolutely love these products.

I will link the products down below and you can have a look for yourself!

Makeup Primer, £27
CC Cream, £31
Bronzer, £22
Mascara, £26
Lipstick (Hibiscus), £20

My Arbonne website, happy shopping!

L x

Happy Birthday


Hey guys, the next few months are full of birthdays in my family and two were this past weekend, haha. On Sunday it was my little sister Kelsey’s birthday, she’s finally a teenager! She turned 13 and I swear, it’s so crazy to see how quickly she’s growing up, I feel so old. My family all went for breakfast on Sunday morning and had a huge, delicious buffet! Afterwards I took her shopping so she could spend her birthday money (standard)! Tyler Oakley (YouTuber) is touring at the moment and coincidentally he was in Glasgow touring on the night of her birthday and thankfully I managed to get tickets. The show was fun, our seats were right at the front which was perfect. I bought her birthday cake from Costco!!! Let’s be real, this is bloody amazing. It only cost £8 and let me tell you, it tasted delicious. No regrets y’know! 

On Monday, it was Christopher, my boyfriends 20th birthday and it was another lovely day. I definitely gained some weight over the weekend haha! On Monday we had breakfast with his family then went shopping, we also had some amazing freshly made doughnuts! They were eaten before any photos could have been taken, unfortunately. To finish off his birthday we went to an amazing restaurant in Glasgow called Coia’s, it’s pretty much become a tradition to go there for his birthday (because it’s so damn good). I had Calzone which was HUGE. I still managed to eat every single bit of it though haha! For dessert, we shared Sticky Toffee Pudding, which I’m sure you can tell was obviously delicious! 

L x